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Memories of Snowtalia

Very Precious memories


Biffa 1950's 
Pru 1960's    
Penny & Pru 60's


   Penny 1967-1980



Bubbles 1978-1985 1st soul mate


Benjamin 1970's


Bo 1980's

Gemma winning junior handling at a maltese club show with Bo


Barley the rabbit and baby puppy 1970's


Henry 21/11/96---22/11/11

My Gentleman



My darling Muffin  4/6/99-8/10/12
muffin was such a sweet natured girl, missed terribly x



Poppy 22/8/96-15/7/13 my dear pops forever in my heart


Amy my dear girl always asleep on my legs


He was such a gentleman never & let me down in the show ring forever in my heart.


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