Art & Graphic Design 


Snow Fox  (digital watercolour)  

Lion (colour pencil)

Fox   (mixed media)

Barn Owl (graphic watercolour 2016)

Baby Duckiling ( Graphic watercolour 2016)

Snub nose monkey (graphic watercolour 2016)

Kingfisher (graphic watercolour 2016)

mother and baby (graphic pencil drawing 2016)

Cheetah & Cub  (water colour 1996)

Red Panda  (coloured pencil 2008)

Panda (coloured pencil)

Meerkat & Baby (pencil Drawing)

Scottish Wildcat  (watercolour 1994)

This painting was a winning exhibit and exhibited in St Albans in 1994


Siberian Hunter  (watercolour 2015)